Help us win the Cortland County Community Foundation’s 2020 Philanthropy Challenge! Each year, the Cortland County Historical Society, with the support of our membership as well as local history fans, participates in this generous giving event in honor of National Philanthropy Day on November 15. We have all felt the challenges of this strangest of years. For the Cortland County Historical Society, 2020 has been a particular challenge, with the loss of county funding combined with the pandemic. We can minimize these losses and beat our record from previous years with a little help from our friends! Your donations to CCHS go even further whenRead More →

By Tabitha Scoville “Stone Soup” is one of my favorite children’s stories. It’s amazing that all of the people who could not help a hungry stranger suddenly make a small contribution towards the soup once they heard how tasty it would be with just a little bit of carrots, potatoes, etc. from their pantry. Cortland County Historical Society is a perfect example of how the generosity of strangers to a common cause can create a fabulous concoction. People have been giving CCHS their cherished family heirlooms, photos, and stories for more than 95 years. Each contribution is like a bit of celery, onion, or spicesRead More →