• Little York Pavillion
  • Jenkin's Grocery, Willett, NY
  • Gunzenhauser Farm Rt. 281
  • Empire Corset Company, McGraw, NY
  • Main Street, Downtown Cortland
    Main Street, Cortland, NY
  • Brockway at the Cortland Airport

Our Research Center

The Kellogg Memorial Research Center houses the raw materials of Cortland County’s rich history and its staff stands ready to help you navigate our comprehensive collections of city directories, cemetery records, birth and death notices, marriage records, indexed census records, surname files and genealogies, Sanborn insurance maps, photograph files, diaries, business records, newspapers, and organization files for social, civic, and church-related clubs located in Cortland County.

Researchers working at the Kellogg Memorial Research Center.

Our House

In addition to maintaining the Research Center, the Society operates the James Suggett House Museum which showcases the stories of more than two centuries of Cortland County life.¬†Built in 1882, this large, historic home anchored the Suggett family property, which also included the area now known as Suggett Park. Some eighty years later, James’s great-grandson – Chester Birdlebough – bequeathed the home to what was then known as the Cortland County Historical Society, finally giving the Society a space of its own after residing first in the Franklin Hatch Library on Church Street and then in the County Court House.

The historic Suggett House, located at the corner of Homer Ave and Maple Ave in Cortland, NY.