County Historians


Cortland County Savannah Hempstead 607 753-5048
City of Cortland Kate O’Connell
Town of Cincinnatus Cincinnatus Heritage Society  
Town of Cortlandville Nick Alteri 
Town of Cuyler Michael Denkenberger  (315) 402-0395
Town of Freetown Vacant  
Town of Harford James Dulle  844-3610
Town of Homer Martin Sweeney
Village of Homer Martin Sweeney
Town of Lapeer Jean Rightmire
Town of Marathon Laurie Tebbe 849-3170
Village of Marathon Connie White 849-3960
Village of McGraw Mary Kimberly 607 836-6738
Town of Preble Jay Currie 607 749-4764
Town of Scott Tara Ferro  
Town of Solon Joanna Moon
Town of Taylor Sharon Eltz 863-3849
Town of Truxton Molly McDermott 607 745-8966
Town of Virgil Marsha Powell 607 835-6174
Town of Willet Shirley Pember 607 863-3344