A gift from the suggett family

A Gift from the Suggett Family

The Suggett House Museum is where we house our many artifacts. It is where we tell the stories of Cortland County’s past to our visitors. As the great-grandson of James and Jane Suggett, John Chester Birdlebough was the last heir in this branch of the Suggett family. He inherited the house when his last aunt died. It was Mr. Birdlebough who gifted the house to the Cortland County Historical Society. Before that, CCHS was housed at both the Cortland Free Library and the county courthouse. The house became available at a time when we had outgrown our space at the courthouse. It was a welcome gift. John Chester Birdlebough asked only that we call it the “Suggett House”.

September 24: Exhibit opening—Low Level Nuclear Waste Dump Revisited


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A peek inside the Suggett House museum: